Mishap, Magic, Minneapolis and Mabon

Yesterday I got to my bus stop on time only for no bus to arrive. And then the next bus didn't arrive. I waited in the sun for over an hour in high heels with no bench before a bus arrived, driven by a man more interested in reading his newspaper than keeping an eye on what was happening around him. As soon as I found a familiar neighborhood I bolted off the bus and dove into a sandwich shop to collect myself and fight back tears.No matter what you do, you will have a setback that makes it … [Read more...]

13 Songs for Llamas (Or Lammas)

I think I owe you all a bit of holiday music. But first you get a Lammas llama.13. Damh the Bard - Lughnasadh12. Paul Giovanni - Corn Rigs11. Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends10. King Harvest - Dancing In The Moonlight9. Grease - Summer Nights8. Guy Clark - Homegrown Tomatoes7. John Prine - That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round6. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Fishin' In The Dark5. T.G. Shepard - Do You Want To Go To Heaven?4. Lisa Thiel - Lammas … [Read more...]

13 Songs for the Summer Solstice

I thought surely my readers were tired of these, but apparently not. The sun is reaching his zenith, the days are long, and the nights are warm. These are busy days!Tomorrow I will be hosting two different hangouts. One to discuss Sarah Whedon's new e-book Birth of the Labyrinth Path, and one to discuss the sun in Pagan practice.On Patheos Pagan today there is Steven Abell's first-hand account of Trothmoot, addressing the rumors that have been floating around. Gus diZerega discusses the … [Read more...]

13 Artists I Am Listening To Now

I was going to wax eloquent on magic, but I'm not in the mood.So here's what I find musically interesting right now. Only slightly related to Paganism, although there are Pagan themes and artists in the list... 13. Wendy Rule's The Lotus Eaters album This album should be used as a soundtrack for a film adaptation of the Odyssey.12. Dar Williams' In the Time of Gods album She may not identify as one, but Dar has a Pagan sensibility. Another Odyssey themed album.11. Natalie … [Read more...]

13 Reasons I’m Glad Bristol Palin Is At Patheos

You may be aware that Bristol Palin is writing for Patheos. You likely have an opinion regarding it. I've gotten a few of your opinions, some rather strongly worded. I've had a range of opinions myself on the subject, but once the idea soaked in, I was fine with it. Here's why:13. She's A Troll Magnet We bloggers loathe trolls. They are the bane of our existence. The Palins are so polarizing that there's a chance that Bristol might draw the bulk of the trolls and haters on Patheos, … [Read more...]

13 Songs for Ostara Again!

I'm re-using the playlist from last year. Hope you enjoy it!13. Ostara by Lisa Thiel12. Lord of the Dance by Gwydion Pendderwen11. Spring Strathspey by Taste Like More(?)10. Prayer to Eostre by WordedRite9. Eostre by ForefatherAn epic metal instrumental to get the blood stirring.8. Eostre's Dance by RiverAnother yummy instrumental.7. Blodeuwedd by Damh the Bard6. Rabbit's Song by SJ Tucker5. I Walk With The Goddess by … [Read more...]

Hear Ye the Voice of the Goddess

How do you see the Goddess? The Divine Feminine spoken of in Wicca and other Pagan religions? Monolithic woman, the essence of femaleness, the open-armed Mother?I relate better to male Gods, but I recently had an experience that reminded me of how I found the Goddess so many years ago. Not her name, or stories. Not Pagan literature, but her bright spirit. It was through a specific type of music.There used to be this alternative rock station in Atlanta called 99X. Once I achieved some … [Read more...]

14 Songs for Lupercalia (Valentines Day)

I could use some music today. How about you?I'm officially filing this under 13 Things, but I had to add a little extra awesomeness.Read more on Lupercalia. Always makes me think of Mark Anthony running naked through the streets of Rome. Rawr! 14. Tainted Love - Soft Cell13. Pagan Girl - Emerald Rose12. Sunshine of Your Love - Cream11. This Kiss - Faith Hill10. It's Friday I'm In Love - The Cure9. Just Because - Gaia Consort8. Hey Good Lookin' - Hank Williams … [Read more...]

Derailed and Discombobulated (or 13 Random Things)

Ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing goes as expected? All your plans get derailed and you find yourself sitting there, wondering what you're supposed to do and what's coming next?Yeah, that's my day today. Everything is kinda screwed up, including the post I was planning for today. I've made inquiries to all the appropriate places. I consulted the tarot. Now I'm just kind of sitting here trying to figure out what to do with my day now that all my plans are kaput.Maybe … [Read more...]

A Little Holiday Cheer: 13 Songs to Rock Around the Tree

I'm a Grinch. I admit it.But I plan to watch It's A Wonderful Life this weekend and curl up with some Hogfather.I'm not immune to either fun nor holiday cheer.So here: 13.What's This? - The Nightmare Before Christmas12. Marley & Marley - Statler & Waldorf11. Meteora - The Christmas Toy Long before there was Woody and Buzz, there was Rugby and Meteora. The cat toy is my favorite.10. Cool Yule - Bette Midler9. White Christmas - Bing Crosby The cast members … [Read more...]