When Hinduism Confuses and Frustrates Me

Modern Pagans consider many religions to be our spiritual cousins: Shinto, Vodou, Santeria, First Nations religions, etc... One of our spiritual cousins, from our point of view, is Hinduism: a religious movement as diverse and fluid as our own Paganism. Some Hindus feel the same way towards us, as evidenced by the presence of the Hindu American Foundation at PantheaCon last year.One thing I recall vividly from observing the HAF panel last year is how Hinduism is taught as monotheism, but … [Read more...]

The Watchtowers and Abrahamic Wicca

My first significant encounters with Wiccan thought were with Kaatryn McMorgan's All One Wicca and the Farrar's The Witches Bible. MacMorgan gave me a firm grounding to begin my studies, but the Farrar's intoxicated me with the beauty and majesty of Wicca. I remember being particularly struck by the Watchtowers.Being ignorant of their origin, history or deeper meanings, my imagination unfolded a scene right out a Fantasia: vast castles with central towers in the cardinal directions, rising … [Read more...]