Kirk Cameron is a Tool

Growing Pains was a cheesy show, and Kirk Cameron wasn't the most memorable part of the show. I was a Tracey Gold fan.So when Kirk Cameron became a ridiculous tool for religious bigotry, it wasn't a great loss to the entertainment world. It wasn't like fantastic religious-themed films like Doubt or The Apostle were less for his absence.Now all of Hollywood is engaged in condemning and mocking him for his hateful bigotry, which I admit I find entertaining. Especially because Alan Thicke … [Read more...]

PantheaCon: Concerning Three Rituals

There were quite a few rituals at PantheaCon and unfortunately I couldn't make them all. I was determined that the rituals I did attend wouldn't be Wiccan so I could experience the rites of other Pagan religions. Here are my thoughts on the three rituals I was able to participate in over this hectic weekend.A Ritual for Our Neopagan Ancestors facilitated by the ADFAs so many of our elders have recently passed I really wanted to participate in in this ritual. The opening of the gates and call … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Amanda Thomas on The Importance of Hospitality

One thing that ADF-style ritual is very big on is sacrifice. During the course of a ritual, I give sacrifices of barley and oats to the Earth Mother, I give incense to the fire, silver to the well, and enjoy anointing the tree with oil. I give sacrifices to the three Kindred (the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Gods). In short, I give something for everyone that is invited to share in the sacredness of ritual space and time.It tends to make a girl count all the offerings before the … [Read more...]

Isaac Bonewits, Hail and Farewell!

This morning Pagan elder Isaac Bonewits crossed over to the Summerlands. I never really knew Isaac but like many modern Pagans I certainly felt his influence. There is a lovely eulogy for Isaac on The Wild Hunt this morning that is far more eloquent than I am capable of today.Here is also a video tribute created by ADF Vice Archdruid Seamus:I honor Isaac for his contributions to Modern Paganism, for his tireless efforts on behalf of his spiritual community and for his good humor and … [Read more...]