Maybe Advanced Wicca Isn’t Wicca After All?

I have less time than I used to for pleasure reading.Starhawk's The Fifth Sacred Thing has been by my bed for months and I've barely made a dent. Yet I treated myself to a lie-in this morning reading a book I was super-excited to get my hands on: Theurgy and the Soul: The Neoplatonism of Iamblichus.I know. You were hoping for Jackie Collins right? I will be thoroughly ashamed of my nerdiness for one moment in atonement.Done.I was thrilled to get this book because a few months ago Don Frew … [Read more...]

Labeling Wicca: Why “advanced” and “101″ bug me…

The other day I tried to articulate something about "advanced Wicca" that wasn't terribly coherent. Some people challenged what I said and made me examine the issue more closely. Thank you Jay and Dave of PCP!So while I'll admit there are so-called "advanced" books out there that I really want to read (Kat MacMorgan, T. Thorn Coyle and Chris Penczak for instance), I don't perceive these as being "advanced" as much as different perspectives. So many of the books that are being touted as … [Read more...]