Mainstream Media, Pagans and the Air Force

You gotta love mercury retrograde. Weird crap just happens. Really funny things happen. I'm tickled. Here's why...See, it all started with Cara Schulz. She's spent probably about 6 months working on the 2-part Air Force story she published recently. You should read it here and here. It's really good.She spent countless hours trying to get people to talk to her, to get people to go on the record and to pull this thing together. When you're independent media, you have to work a lot harder. … [Read more...]

The Air Force is Pagan-Friendly? Who Knew?

Cara Schulz of PNC-Minnesota has published the second part of her report on Pagans and the US Air Force, and some of the quotes are quite surprising: “You don’t have to be scared about sharing your religion or think you need to stay in the broom closet about it,” Cadet Johnson says. “People are very understanding. We have officers in charge of us who are very understanding, the Chaplains are very understanding so it’s very easy to be a Pagan at the Air Force Academy.”Major Ihme wants Pagans … [Read more...]

Happy Veteran’s Day: Pagans find warm welcome at ‘Gateways to the Air Force’

What I love best about the Pagan community is that every time I feel down I read about something amazing happening in Pagandom that just lights me up. Today Cara Schulz at PNC- Minnesota has an incredible article up about Pagans in the military: When potential Military Members join the United States Air Force they usually enter through one of two Gateways To The Air Force.  Future officers attend college at Colorado Springs Air Force Academy and enlisted trainees go through Basic Military … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Veterans & Einherjar

Within the Northern Tradition there is a deep respect to those who serve in the military. While Veteran’s Day is intended to first and foremost honor those living Veterans from past military service, it is also used to honor those currently serving, and to a lesser degree those soldiers now dead. Some Heathens will be observing rituals to honor the Einherjar: the battle-slain warriors who are taken to Valhalla. Of course, not all of the battle-slain go to Valhalla some also go to Freya’s Hall, bu … [Read more...]