Michael York: Not All Gods Are Deities

Reprinted with permission from a Facebook group. Micheal York is a Pagan theologian and teaches at Cherry Hill Seminary.I want to talk about the gods. We probably all think of the gods differently, and some of us do not think of them at all and/or discount any existential propensity to them. For some of us they are symbols; for others they are real beings. I have currently some provocative students through my CHS module on the World’s Religions. Several have expressed themselves as p … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Aidan Grey on An Introduction to Animism

Native people, running through the jungle naked, feathered headdresses on, and arrows nocked. That's what most people imagine when they think of animists - they're those indigenous, non-Westernized, potentially cannibalistic people. But that's not quite true. Certainly, many indigenous people are animists, but not all of them, and more surprisingly, there's a growing number of animists here in the Western, modern world.Animism is usually described as the belief that all things have a soul. … [Read more...]