Beyond Roses Red and Roses White (Possibly NSFW)

Writing can become a bad habit, and a simple question can set loose a torrent of words. So when Niki Whiting asked me what I thought of Peter Grey's The Red Goddess last night, I gave a long and complex answer when a simple one would do. Now that all the words are just sitting there, I feel I should form them into a post of some sort. I should warn that there's some frank talk about sexuality in this post, and it is heteronormative. I'm not qualified to speak to any other kind of sexuality, but … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Last night I was chatting with a friend about divorce. We talked about what a difficult process it was to go through, how it affects your subsequent relationships and the "rebound relationship." Suddenly a whole flood of memories came back, and I couldn't sleep as the ghosts of the past came to visit. You see, my first post-divorce "rebound relationship" was one of the most profound experiences of my life, and one of the most shameful. Because I totally, inexcusably, went batshit crazy on … [Read more...]

A Quieter Kind of Valentine (UPG inside)

Yesterday Galina Krasskova wrote that she finds Aphrodite terrifying. I get that. Aphrodite doesn't terrify me but she's not my style. She's as relevant to me as the World Cup or who cuts Justin Bieber's hair. Besides, Aphrodite doesn't care for me and that's ok.You see, I'm devoted to Hephaistos, and he and Aphrodite don't care for each other. They have what is known as a marriage of inconvenience. Zeus had them marry only to prevent war among the Gods, for who would deny beauty to the homely … [Read more...]

Happy Aphrodite’s Day? (A Few Curious Ramblings)

Aphrodite scares me. I have this list of Gods and Goddesses in my head (mostly Goddesses) Whom I will go out of my way not to offend, annoy, or otherwise irritate (not that I want to offend, annoy, or irritate any Deity!) and Aphrodite tops the list. She beat out Hela, the Norse Goddess of death for the honor, though I have to admit it was a close call. To put this in perspective, I belong to Odin and I’ve known many people to find Him utterly terrifying so when I talk about how terrifying I f … [Read more...]

Feathered Aphrodite

There is a lone female duck that lives in our backyard. No males try to lure her away for illicit duck-sex, not last year and not this year, either. All the other ducks have long since paired off for some serious nest sitting and egg hatching. All but her. She isn’t even allowed near the nesting site. Perhaps the other ducks are shunning her for some transgression?I’m not sure what it is about her that the other males don’t find attractive. Perhaps her small limp has disqualified her genetic ma … [Read more...]

Ares and Aphrodite make love in Afghanistan

If you have ever had a hard time wrapping your mind around the hot, passionate love affair that Love and War engage in, you need to watch this video and all is made clear.Lady Gaga's Telephone - Afghanistan RemixPerformed by soldiers from the 82nd Airborne unit stationed in Afghanistan, this video is a remake of Lady Gaga's "Telephone". The soldiers tease one another in sexually suggestive ways and seem comfortable doing so. Part way through the video more soldiers join in and their … [Read more...]