Norway, Spiritual Warfare, Apotheosis and Being Smurfy

Lots going on today, so I'm going to weigh in briefly on each item of interest.Labeling Anders Breivik "Christian"Christians are up in arms over the labeling of Norway killer Breivik as a "Christian terrorist" and I admit I find the phenomenon fascinating. Pagans are continually upset when some whack job who has some tenous tie to our communities gets labeled as an occult killer and the names of our religions smeared with their crime, so I have a little sympathy here.What I do find … [Read more...]

Jane Austen is a Goddess

Austen is like B-12,  or a box of chocolates or a weekend at the beach. She is a restorative. She is a lady. She is a smart-ass. She is a Goddess.Maybe it's a girl thing, but sometimes when you feel rundown and out-of-sorts a good novel can set you right. Sometimes that means I need the fire in the belly that only Bernard Cornwell can give me. Sometimes it's the wistful girlishness and sweeping vistas of Prince Edward Island only L. M. Montgomery can give me. Sometimes though, I need to … [Read more...]