April is Autism Awareness Month

Last night Georgia Public Broadcasting showed a documentary called Autism: Coming of Age. It focused on three adult autistic men. One was non-verbal, lived with a roommate and spent his time helping his grandfather with projects. Another spoke with a monotone voice and lived at a special boarding school that taught basic job skills. The third man was 31, had a pleasant voice, was fascinated by vacuum cleaners, worked vacuuming hotel rooms at Marriott, lived at home with his parents and hoped to … [Read more...]

I Am Not Going To Blog Today <—- This Is A Lie

I've spent the past week being far more social than I normally am, and last night I went to a friend's birthday party. It was lovely, the people I have been spending time with are lovely, but I'm exhausted.Being social is something I've been more mindful of since I self-diagnosed as Asperger's. I have always pushed myself to be social and worked hard at it all my life. I try not to turn down a social opportunity if I can help it, but sometimes it's just too much. I am overwhelmed and … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Component of Autism

The response to my last post on autism and Asperger's really overwhelmed me. I didn't expect to get such a positive response. I was literally bracing myself for the worst. The post seemed to touch a lot of people, particularly women who believe they may be on the spectrum. Just being able to make one person feel less alone made that post worth publishing.I've been thinking about the connection between autism and spirituality. The first and most obvious connection is that religion and … [Read more...]

Living In My Own Mind: A Pagan With Asperger’s

This is a post that I swore I would never write. I thought it would hurt my ability to earn a living. But then I realized that if you Google my name you find I'm a Witch who is pro-GLBTQI, supportive of polyamory, and a whole host of other views that limit your opportunities in the conservative South. So why not write this? I won't garner any more negativity for this post than for any other difficult post I've written. And I did promise myself that my writing would be free and brave this … [Read more...]