Exactly What I Mean: A Mercury Rx Musing

Today I sent someone a humorous e-mail about blogging. Then I realized the person I sent it to was a blogger and I called to apologize and assure them the joke wasn't a dig at their blog. When mercury is in retrograde you can't be too careful.Also today, I had one of those weird e-mail exchanges with someone where you're not entirely certain if they understood what you thought you rather clearly said. You say something like "I'll have that to you on Thursday" and the response you receive … [Read more...]

Chiron Enters Pisces: Peace, Love and Hope?

Astrology blog The Flow has good news for anyone feeling like they haven't been able to catch a break. This Tuesday, February 8th at (approximately) 12:24pm, Chiron enters Pisces, and an era of insanity draws to a close. According to The Flow, Chiron has been in Aquarius since 2005 but then in mid-2009 Chiron went in conjunction with Neptune. Y'all remember the fall of 2009, right? It's when the economic fall out hit home hard. Things have been a bit screwy since then and it feels like all Hades … [Read more...]

How Astrology is like Nascar

I was convinced to write this after a couple of different discussions regarding the recent "astrology controversy". Everyone suddenly had an opinion on astrology. Well, I think astrology is just like Nascar. Here's why:Mostly everything goes in a circle for a very long time, and when they complete one circuit they do it all again. And again. And again. Mostly nothing happens. Things just go in circles day in and day out. People are just waiting for something exciting to happen, like a car … [Read more...]