When “Pagan” Loses Meaning: Atheists and Theists

I was angry this morning. I read M.J. Lee's post over on Humanistic Paganism and I found myself really pissed. It cheesed my grits. It got my goat. And then I thought "Why are you pissed Star? This isn't even your religion she's talking about."That thought caught me by surprise. I have never before thought that way about another person who considers themselves Pagan. A different tradition, yes. Different nuances, different culture, different emphasis, but always with the same threads running … [Read more...]

13 Things I Like About Atheists

Every once in awhile I try to come up with a list of things I like about other religions. This time, I'm going to try a non-religion, and hopefully it goes better than the Scientology post. [You can find all the 13 Things posts here.]As you can imagine, the language and concepts in the following videos might offend. Click at your own risk.13. Tim MinchinHilarious.12. Stephen FryLovely man. He makes me want to be a gay man, just so I'd have a chance...11. … [Read more...]

Should Pagans Create Meaning From Scratch? Out of nothing?

I've been sneaking reading into my day, much like the old days under blankets with a flashlight. I got a copy of All Things Shining to review, which rumor has it basically recommends polytheism as the cure for modern nihilism.In the second chapter I found an idea that made me pause, and I invite you to sit with it for a moment, to consider it: "It is as if the true burden of this responsibility—the responsibility to escape from the meaninglessness and drudgery of a godless world by c … [Read more...]

A Very Merry Mithras: Godless Holiday Special

Last year the BBC ran a fabulous humanist/atheist holiday special. I think this is pretty awesome. While obviously the language, views and humor might offend religious people, I think this is a fabulous tribute to science and a rather funny look at religions and the holiday season. It's nice to see another belief system get a holiday special! … [Read more...]