Pre-Smurf Humor

I am in an exceptionally good mood as I write this on a misty, post-storm Thursday morning. All is as it should be in the world. As you are reading this I will be unloading my belongings and stowing them in my new apartment, with the help, and occasional hindrance, of my sister and nephew. I'm thrilled. It's the first time in my life I have moved to a place because I truly wanted to, and not because I had to. I'm feeling pretty ecstatic about it.So I want to share the love before I dye my hair … [Read more...]

A Very Merry Mithras: Godless Holiday Special

Last year the BBC ran a fabulous humanist/atheist holiday special. I think this is pretty awesome. While obviously the language, views and humor might offend religious people, I think this is a fabulous tribute to science and a rather funny look at religions and the holiday season. It's nice to see another belief system get a holiday special! … [Read more...]