I Don’t Want To Live In A Pagan Ghetto

I'm taking this blog off-track for a moment. I had an eventful day yesterday involving my vehicle and the vehicles of my friends ending up in the shop for various mechanical failures. Which was ironic because one of the astrology blogs I follow mentioned some gloom and doom, and I brushed it off.So it was only this morning that I noticed Gus diZerega's latest post on Beliefnet: I think in the absence of a sincere apology from Kerby (NOT “I am sorry some were hurt” or “mistakes were made” bu … [Read more...]

When Good Pagans Do Nothing

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Leo Tolstoy My Southern Baptist upbringing taught me that I was in the world but not of it. I was not to be concerned with worldly things, or to seek to engage with the world on it's terms. I was to let that pass by and concern myself with the kingdom of God. My parents and some of my teachers at church had that old-school pre-politicized Evangelical worldview. There was a feeling that this world is run by Satan and … [Read more...]