New 13 Songs for Beltane

I started doing a song playlist for Sabbats at Beltane last year and revisiting the old post made me realize that I needed to shake things up a bit. So here's a few from the old list and a few new songs to to get you ready to leap bonfires!I made a vow not to include Merry May Folk for once. Just because I'm obsessed with the song doesn't mean everyone is. I was really tempted to include a Jonathan Coulton song (you know which one) but decided to keep it PG.13. Madonna - Like A PrayerNo … [Read more...]

Beltaine: Marriage-Minded Muddle

Beltaine is the marriage of the Lord and Lady for many of us. I could express all the rich symbolism of union and creation of this time of year purely in song lyrics and poetry. We celebrate this conception and ripening into Parenthood, and continuation of the species, and continuity and familial joy with great mirth. Which can seem a bit odd considering how little support our communities provide for those Pagans who seek this out for themselves.Single Pagans have a confusing set of … [Read more...]

A Royal Beltane Wedding

Will there be a Maypole? Or May Day festivities? Will Morris dancers be stepping merrily outside of Westminster Abbey?I didn't watch Diana and Charles' wedding (being but a gleam in my father's eye) but I did watch the divorce, the scandals and the funeral. While I'm not certain I will watch the Royal Wedding live as it starts about the time I will stumble sleepily home from Beltane festivities, I can't pretend I'm not excited about it.The Monarchy of England is a symbol, and it's a symbol … [Read more...]

Revivals Needed?

I'm tired today. I finally finished a project that has consumed so much of my time you'd think it was some kind of chrono-cancer. I'm worn out, stressed and desperately in need of revival.Our body, mind and spirit need revival. Our lives are cyclical, and like the earth we sometimes need a chance to restore and renew ourselves. To reach towards the source with joyful song. Yet, revival doesn't come unbidden like the spring. Revival requires work on our part. We have to seek it, create it, plan … [Read more...]

Beltane Family Reunion

The April Moon ritual last night was awesome. Priestesses from our mother coven came to visit and it was just a genuinely good time. I am now looking forward to Beltane so much that I feel antsy as a kid at Christmas. Our Beltane celebrations are like a big family reunion and I was thinking this morning that that is a rather profound thing.I've been to Pagan gatherings that felt like old friends meeting, and events that felt like a gathering of tribes. I've felt Pagan community feel close, … [Read more...]