Remembering Earl Scruggs

I imagine most of my readers are not bluegrass fans. That's ok. Wander on off and The Wild Hunt will have something for you shortly. For the two of you who are bluegrass fans, I'm sorry to say that Earl Scruggs has died.I'm listening to Foggy Mountain Breakdown right now, and my heart is breaking a little. Scruggs innovations in banjo playing have practically provided the soundtrack to my life. I've spent hours at jam sessions with banjo players who looked to him. I've sat mesmerized … [Read more...]

Revivals Needed?

I'm tired today. I finally finished a project that has consumed so much of my time you'd think it was some kind of chrono-cancer. I'm worn out, stressed and desperately in need of revival.Our body, mind and spirit need revival. Our lives are cyclical, and like the earth we sometimes need a chance to restore and renew ourselves. To reach towards the source with joyful song. Yet, revival doesn't come unbidden like the spring. Revival requires work on our part. We have to seek it, create it, plan … [Read more...]

Pagans and Bluegrass and Gospel! Oh My!

I was volunteering at a bluegrass festival in my town and I'm running a bit behind in getting this post out. Which is great because I want to talk a bit about it!For the first time ever just standing on the town square I casually met another Pagan, who encouraged me to join a local women's choir that sings gospel music. I'm seriously considering it. Bluegrass gospel is the soundtrack of my childhood. My grandparents often took me to gospel "singings" growing up and the sound of a banjo and … [Read more...]