Practical Polytheism: A Review of Devotio Antinoo

devotio antinoo

There are few people in the world that I admire more than P. Sufenas Virius Lupus. He is intelligent, kind, patient, a clear and thoughtful writer, and has been a source of unflagging support in my darkest hours. I am not in the habit of placing Pagans on pedestals, but if Sufenas weren't so tall already I might be tempted.It has taken me a long time to get around to reading his Devotio Antinoo. At over 500 pages it is a tome, so I set aside hours to devote to nothing else this week, and I … [Read more...]

An Occult Memoir of New York: A Review of James Wasserman’s “In The Center Of The Fire”

in the center of the fire

My feelings regarding books sent to me for review are mixed. I don't have a lot of free time for reading. Reading a book and then reviewing it requires a significant time and energy commitment on my part. So although I feel obligated to review the books sent to me for that purpose, most of them sit in what I term "the stack of good intentions." It sits there boring a hole into my conscience. I feel a sense of relief upon being able to successfully remove a book from that stack, and a sense of … [Read more...]

Needful Stories & Good Advice: Reviews of Low Magick (Lon Milo DuQuette) and The Grimoire of Aleister Crowley (Rodney Orpheus)


I read a lot of news and opinion, and reading for leisure hasn't been a big priority in the past couple of years. I have had a strange week though, and it afforded me some offline downtime. So I read two books, one a recent Kindle purchase, and the other a book that I'd had in my "to read" pile for months. Both are by Thelemites who happen to be active leaders in the Ordo Templi Orientis. Low Magick: It's All In Your Head ... You Just Have No Idea How Big Your Head Is Lon Milo DuQuette I am a … [Read more...]

Book Review: Raven Grimassi’s Old World Witchcraft

This book is bold, and not at all what I expected. Although he's been one of the author's on my "to-read" list for years, I actually met Raven Grimassi before I read one of his books. At the urging of one of my teachers, I sought out a copy of The Book of Ways I & II, and then wished I'd spoken with him more when I met him at Pagan Spirit Gathering. Having picked up Old World Witchcraft, I wish I'd spent the entire week engaging Raven and Stephanie in conversation. Hindsight is always … [Read more...]

Forgotten Goddesses: A Coloring Book Review

I get a lot of things to review, and I don't have time to review all of them. Sometimes I know someone else who can review a book, but more often it goes onto the pile of books awaiting my fantasy beach vacation. You know, the kind of vacation where you sit in a chair under an umbrella on a beach all day reading while good-looking people keep your margarita topped off.Sometimes something catches me just right. I've got to sit in an airport, wait on my car to be fixed or I've reached a point … [Read more...]

Book Review: A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book by Ceisiwr Serith

I used to own A Book of Pagan Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith, so I was excited to receive a copy of his A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book to review from Weiser.To begin with it's a good size for a prayer book. Small enough to fit easily in a purse or bag with a cover that is wipeable. I like that. No flashy pictures or dust covers or fancy leather bindings. This book is designed to be used and to be used in actual ritual space. I haven't tried to read it by candlelight but the print looks large enough and … [Read more...]

Book Review: Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley

{Aleister Crowley. Diary of a Drug Fiends. Weiser Books 2010. 368 pages. $18.95} Review by Star FosterWhy on earth should you read this book? I know I asked myself that question. What moral, spiritual or religious value could be found within? It is the story of a couple who ride the highs of heroin and cocaine until they find themselves addicted, degraded and enslaved to their habit. Through Thelema they find salvation from the demands of heroin. The book is more than just an advertisement for … [Read more...]

Book Review: Teachings of the Santeria Gods by Ocha’ni Lele

{Ocha'ni Lele. Teachings of the Santeria Gods. Destiny books 2010. 269 pages. $16.95} Reviewed by Star FosterI love a good story. A good story has a mystery, a moral, a familiarity or a sense of the fantastic. A good story satisfies you down to your bones. Ocha'ni Lele's book Teachings of the Santeria Gods is chock-full of just such stories.Today when we want to learn about the Gods we often go to books that explain the Gods to us, rather than simply absorb the stories about the Gods. I … [Read more...]

Book Review: Exploring the Northern Tradition by Galina Krasskova

A good, solid, human and engaging introductory text to a religion, particularly a minority religion, is worth its weight in gold. Crafting an introduction to a religious practice, mythos, cosmology and values is a bit like walking a tightrope: too far to one side creates a text that is inaccessibly esoteric and too far to the other side leaves you with a “dummies guide” that even the most ignorant novice will scoff. In Exploring the Northern Tradition Krasskova has created a beautifully balanced … [Read more...]