Wyrd Designs – Just Say No To Libricide

I’m sure by now many of you have heard of the Christian pastor, Terry Jones, of a small Florida church who plans and is encouraging people to burn copies of the Quran, Islam’s holy text, on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the United States.In the scheme of history, it is always the small-minded who burn books. It has not yet been a hundred years since the famous Berlin book burning of 1933, when Hitler’s trusted Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels encouraged the students of German Unive … [Read more...]

On Spells and Impulsiveness

I recently reread The Way of Four Spellbook by fellow Gardnerian Deborah Lipp. One of our coven's Gardlings (that's what we call our outer grove members) recently read it as part of her required reading. It's an excellent introduction to practical spellwork. It is firmly grounded in the modern age (although she does assume that people still go to physical stores for supplies, when most of us nowadays would just Google them).Interestingly, the Gardling was frustrated by the book. She thinks … [Read more...]