Beltane: Coming Out & Giving Support

May 2nd is International Pagan Coming Out Day. A day when folks who choose to come out regarding their religion will find a whole network of folks to support and encourage them.I'm about as out as it gets but I know at least one person who is planning to come out to friends and family. I'm proud and honored to be acquainted with them. They have my support and I'm here if they need to talk.Maybe you're thinking of coming out on May 2nd. Maybe to one friend, maybe to your whole family, maybe … [Read more...]

The Unexpected Blessings of Lady Sintana

I never met Lady Sintana, but I firmly believe she is the reason I am a Witch today. It's kind of a long story, so bear with me.Lady Sintana was a very public Witch, one of the few well-known public Witches who were not authors. She appeared fairly regularly in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. She fought seminal court battles for Wiccan rights. She took in animals and people who needed her help. For many years her doors were always open, 24/7, and the House of Ravenwood Church and Seminary … [Read more...]