Violence, Children and Women

There seems to be a theme of violence in the news this morning, and before I attempt to wrap my head around the concept of idol-worship (stay tuned!) I want to talk about violence.The first regards a local story on WSB of an investigation into child abuse because of a Santeria ritual. A daycare called the police after finding cuts on a 4-year-old girl's chest. Apparently the cross-shaped cuts are made as part of a religious ritual in order to boost the girls strength. This isn't a ritual I … [Read more...]

The Children We Ignore

While the world is leaving the lights on for Caylee, plenty of other murdered children remain in the dark. They aren't white enough, middle-class enough, for the media to pay much attention to...Jadon Higganbothan was murdered by a cult leader, apparently for being "gay." His murder was certainly motivated by religious extremism. So many issues come to play in his murder: homeschooled children falling off the radar, racist doctrines, abusive polygamy and the apathy of modern … [Read more...]