Choosing Paganism and Processing Regret

I'm 30 and it's hitting me hard. Older folks may chuckle at that, but I think we all have birthdays that hit us hard at different points of our life.My life today is not what I would have predicted or hoped it to be, in more ways than one. When I was 14 I would have said that by 30 I would be married to an Evangelical man, be a housewife and have at least 5 children. When I was 18 I would have said I would be living in London, working in a research library and married to a professor. … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Understanding the Words – Wyrd and Orlog

The concepts of wyrd and orlog are interconnected, but can sometimes prove to be stumbling blocks as their meanings are learned. In Heathenry we have no absolute concept of one’s fate, rather we have a notion that our destiny, or doom is comprised by choices and while a certain fate may come to pass, we also have the ability to make other choices to potentially change it. To understand how wyrd and orlog are connected, let us explore the meanings of these words. … [Read more...]