Dar Williams’ In The Time Of Gods

I have been a big fan of Dar Williams since The Christians and the Pagans, and her lovely contributions to the first Lilith Fair album. Strangely, it was more acceptable for my sisters to listen to Madonna than for me to listen to Dar. Ironically, I think my mother thought Dar, and singer-songwriters like her, were more "gay."I have always liked Dar, but I have literally fallen in love with her new album: In The Time Of Gods. Inspired by Greek myth, it's a collection of modern songs. Had I … [Read more...]

Hear Ye the Voice of the Goddess

How do you see the Goddess? The Divine Feminine spoken of in Wicca and other Pagan religions? Monolithic woman, the essence of femaleness, the open-armed Mother?I relate better to male Gods, but I recently had an experience that reminded me of how I found the Goddess so many years ago. Not her name, or stories. Not Pagan literature, but her bright spirit. It was through a specific type of music.There used to be this alternative rock station in Atlanta called 99X. Once I achieved some … [Read more...]

State of Grace: Water, Moon and Ritual

I crave ritual. I crave grace. I crave water.There is no sin or falleness in Paganism. Those things that drive Christians to seek grace do not exist for us. What we do have is impurity. Pagans of old were obsessed with purification rituals, with bathing and with cleansing. In my tradition we purify ourselves before ritual by taking a ritual bath. With prescribed words, oil, salt, fire and smoke we prepare ourselves to meet the Gods. We will dress according to tradition, make ourselves pleasing … [Read more...]