Relying On Faith

I need to start this post with this note before getting on with the topic at hand. When I wrote about realizing that traditional Witchcraft was a Mystery Tradition and not a religion, I received a lot of positive feedback from trad folk. It was an odd thing, because they seemed to not understand I was in a very real way rejecting Wicca and traditional Witchcraft. My Craft experience was positive, and my initiation profoundly meaningful, and I recommend the experience to anyone, but for me it … [Read more...]

What have you done, Paula Deen, Paula Deen?

I'm a Southern girl. I will fry anything. Chicken, pork chops, okra, squash, and even pickles. It's true that Southern cooking tends to be a bit heavy on the butter and deep fat frying, but honestly, every Southern cook I know whips up healthier meals than Paula Deen.So after pushing sugar and butter for years, Deen has come out as a diabetic after being paid to push diabetes medication. It's kind of like encouraging someone to cut off their foot and then selling them a prosthetic. Of … [Read more...]

Hitchens and the Ultimate Human Limitation

It's fascinating how news shapes our lives. When I awoke this morning I had no intention of writing about Christopher Hitchens and every intention of writing about human limitations. And yet, it seems Hitchens has met the ultimate human limitation: mortality.No, this won't be one of those posts about the fate of Hitchens soul. His soul is in his own keeping and I merely tip my hat in respect for the work he did while living.Today, the idea of limitation seems unacceptable. No one … [Read more...]

Hospitality is the Law

Hospitality is the foundation of Paganism. Reciprocal relationships, maintaining the right order of things, Ma'at, the mos maiorum, harmony: whatever you call it, hospitality is key in nearly every Pagan religion, ancient or modern. This I believe.Down here in the South hospitality is simply called manners, and manners are a big deal in the South. While we seem to have made a virtue out of being a bitch in this day and age, it's not getting us anywhere and it's certainly out of keeping with … [Read more...]