Is Paganism Blind To The Disabled?

When we were talking about Pagan temples awhile back it struck me how many of the commenters seemed entirely blind or dismissive of the needs of those who have a medical disability or impairment. I was going to write a big post on it, but it's a pretty day and I need to get some offline sunshine.Think about all your Pagan ritual experiences. Think about the most typical rituals you've attended. Think about the festivals and conferences you've attended.How would you have participated if … [Read more...]

A Dog’s Perspective on Paganism

I turn 30 tomorrow. Not particularly thrilled about it. Everyone wants their birthday to be a little bit special, even if it just means getting a cookie with your lunch. I honestly didn't want to sleep alone on my birthday. While I could have made plans for sexytime, I'm instead pet-sitting for a friend. In a way, that's better.  At night Reuben wriggles under the blankets and curls up at my waist. Willow leaps atop the bed and settles down in the crook of my knees. All night … [Read more...]