Hubris, Disaster, the Gods and Schisms to Come

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on why disasters happen from a religious perspective. I got some really good feedback on it that made me rethink how I think of myself in relation to the Gods and the planet. Here are two examples of some of the excellent comments I received:Cara Schulz said: What if a god had been holding back this earthquake for hundreds of years, until now, when Japan (and the world) is more able to deal with the effects - yet didn't wait so long that the quake would … [Read more...]

When Bad Things Happen to Good Pagans

As I followed the story of the Japan earthquake and the tsunami that swept the Pacific my thoughts were both with the people caught in this tragedy and the temples and shrines of the Shinto faith. Maybe that sounds callous, but I am a religious person and my mind tends towards religious things. I know that Vodou has had struggles in Haiti since their earthquake over a year ago, and from Katrina we know that some folks will pounce on any perceived deviance from the Abrahamic norm to push their … [Read more...]

Praying for the Pacific

An earthquake has devastated Japan and a tsunami is racing across the Pacific ocean. I am watching the live news web broadcast in Hawaii, lighting candles and praying for the folks living there. I'm praying for the folks in Japan who are caught in the aftermath of this tragedy.Please keep those in the midst of harm's way in your thoughts. Pray, chant, sing, make offerings, send energy and be prepared to give to organizations providing relief for those who need help recovering from this … [Read more...]