How Do You Review Divination?

About once a year I get a professional divination consultation. Used to be local readers, but the past few years I've gotten them online or over the phone. The type of divination varies. Last year I was concerned about my ancestors and I went to Galina Krasskova for divination. It was interesting and helpful. I don't think I've ever had a bad experience with divination, but I certainly have had different levels of quality, knowledge, counseling skill and depth. I used to read professionally … [Read more...]

A New Year (What does it mean?!?!?)

The calendar New Year is rather strange for a Pagan, as many of us celebrate the New Year on other dates. Either by the new solar year, or by Samhain as the ending-that-is-a-beginning.I ended up ringing in the arbitrary calendar date stone-cold sober with friends watching Steel Magnolias. Like people do.But what the new calendar year holds for us? I don't know. Doreen Virtue has some messages from the Archangel Michael. (Or Ninurta depending on your perspective.)Of course … [Read more...]

The Gaian Tarot: A Review

I feel a bit funny about giving tarot reviews. I read the tarot pretty regularly, and I even once tried giving professional reading a go, with the result that I have a great deal of respect for those who do that exhausting work for a living. Yet, if you want to have a deep conversation about the Tower card, I'm not your gal. Reviewing tarot decks feels a bit like being asked to review fine wine when you have a glass of Manischewitz on the rocks in hand.However, the creator of The Gaian Tarot, … [Read more...]

Grumpy Star and The Lovers’ Tarot Deck

When the Universe wants you to learn a lesson, it will ask nicely at first, and then it pulls out the cosmic baseball bat to knock the lesson into you. Since Beltaine I've been pushed out of my comfort zone regarding all that "mushy, touchy-feely love stuff" and I'm not happy about it. I find myself shaking my fist at Bette Midler, Tina Turner, and those sappy Supremes more often of late.Love, in all it's forms, is demanding my attention lately, and like a naughty puppy, I keep pretending if I … [Read more...]

Journeying to the Otherland: A Meditation Practice

Meditation often popularly thought of as zen meditation, with a clear blank mind. That's really only one sort of meditation. I'd like to share a meditation I have used to connect with my Gods, ancestors and spirits.Journeying is somewhat shamanic. It is basically the practice of intentionally sending your consciousness from this land and into the Otherland. There are a lot of metaphysical explanations for how this works and why, but as I get older I find the practice itself is far more … [Read more...]