The Passing of Lord Merlin

Lord Merlin, aka David John White, was the elder high priest of the Ravenwood tradition for almost three decades and he died over a week ago, on Mabon. He led an extraordinary life, much like his wife Lady Sintana, and he died a year and a week after she passed from us. He was there by the Lady to bless the founding of my coven, and when I'm initiated this Saturday he will be a part of my lineage, my spiritual grandfather. Though I never met him, his passing fills me with sadness, and more than … [Read more...]

Recording Pagan History: Your Stories Are Worth Telling

I've had Pagan media folks comment on my ability to get folks to tell stories without my actually recording the stories. I'm a bad journalist. I become too interested in the story to grab my audio recorder. That fault was apparent yesterday.One of the elders of my tradition invited me to join her at a Pagan event she was hosting an info table at in Atlanta. It was a lot of fun, but the best part was hearing all these stories from her. Stories of shady folks from the distant past, of funny … [Read more...]