Considering Michael York’s “Catastrophe”

I awoke this morning intending to begin a series of meditations upon the Delphic Maxims. Not an easy task, but not nearly as difficult as what I'm about to write. As I began my morning routine of e-mail, rss feeds and social media I read Micheal York's guest post on The Wild Hunt. It's already received quite a reaction, and I'm going to do my best to respond thoughtfully to it because it touches on threads I have been silently weaving with for a long time.There is an End happening. Maybe … [Read more...]

When Your World Breaks Open: World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm

I am what hardcore gamers refer to with a shudder as a "casual gamer". I don't have a regular gaming schedule or even any desire to achieve specific gaming goals within a certain time frame. In the past two years of playing I still don't have a max level character. Yet I'm very attached to the game. It's a haven away from whatever issues I have in my life. In World of Warcraft there is no problem that can't be solved by a little questing, gathering or crafting. Some days when I need to clear my … [Read more...]

Armageddon in Azeroth

After a few weeks away from World of Warcraft I finally got my tech issues fixed and spent all last night downloading the Cataclysm expansion and patches. I was ready and raring this morning to play my "space-goat" death knight and get new gear for my lovably dorky paladin. I didn't want to think about religion, or Pagans, or eschatology. I wanted to get cool new gear and leveling my mining skills. I wanted to get my game on! Yet as I began to wander around the quaint, old-world style Stormwind … [Read more...]