Have You Seen Rowan Morrison?

Even though the film is about May Day, I think Lammas/Lughnasadh is the perfect time to watch The Wicker Man. Extended version of course.Oh, and "like" Patheos Pagan on FB. If we hit 3,000 fans I may post a video of me doing a happy dance.WE MADE IT!I owe Cat Chapin-Bishop a happy dance! … [Read more...]

Why Google+ Is Great For Pagans

I'm connected to social media for a good portion of my day. I'm a daily user, for both personal and professional reasons. I pay attention to trends and notice changes quickly. I'm vocal about what I like, and what I hate. And Facebook has made another silly change that has gotten under my skin.Now not only does your personal profile look like MySpace, so do Pages. While I quite like the large header photo, the two column, non-linear, shifting timeline is a nightmare. Although I manage the … [Read more...]

Facebook, It’s Not Me, It’s You

There's a lot in Pagan news I want to weigh in on, and there's a lot I want to say regarding Mabon, but today I need to get something off my chest.I loathe Facebook.Like all of you, I woke up this morning to find Facebook had transformed itself into multiple annoying not-very-useful feeds. Anyone familiar with the show Pimp My Ride will totally get why Tom Anderson, creator of MySpace, posted this graphic on Facebook today:I joined Facebook unwillingly because family had joined it. I … [Read more...]

Norway, Spiritual Warfare, Apotheosis and Being Smurfy

Lots going on today, so I'm going to weigh in briefly on each item of interest.Labeling Anders Breivik "Christian"Christians are up in arms over the labeling of Norway killer Breivik as a "Christian terrorist" and I admit I find the phenomenon fascinating. Pagans are continually upset when some whack job who has some tenous tie to our communities gets labeled as an occult killer and the names of our religions smeared with their crime, so I have a little sympathy here.What I do find … [Read more...]

Earth Day: Love Your Mama!

As a counterpoint to the pervasive solemnity of Good Friday, today is Earth Day. All around us the irreverence of nature is bursting out. While my northern friends still battle snow, here all is green and lush.How can we not love and care for the earth? She is abundant and bountiful. She gives us everything.Take time to care for her today.The PNC has launched a new blog project called No Unsacred Place that you should check out today.Watch this adorable plea to get Facebook to be more … [Read more...]

Divine Drama in The Social Network

With very little reluctance, I must admit I'm more than a bit of a luddite. I see computers as something of a necessary evil, and held off from composing any sort of writing directly on the computer well into my first year of graduate education (1998). The mobile phone I currently own barely answers calls and does text messages; it certainly doesn't connect to the internet or have any "apps" of any description, nor even a camera. And while I have several e-mail addresses, a blog, and … [Read more...]