Would Arranged Marriage Work For Pagan Communities?

Many of you probably already hate this idea, just from the title. Let me save you some time: I know that you hate it and I know why you hate it. I already know that most Pagans do not share the views I'm expressing here, and I don't care. Now that that is out of the way...I've been thinking a lot about the concept of family and continuity in Pagan communities and culture. We tend to base our communities on people who are religiously similar to us, but who rarely have a deeper connection. It … [Read more...]

Fresh Snark: Spreading Some Love (and Hate) on Polyamory: Married & Dating’s Episode 6

With a large mug of coffee and plenty of coughing and sniffling, I steeled myself to watch episode 6 of Showtime's Polyamory: Married & Dating. I was genuinely expecting to hate it as much as episode 5. I didn't. So today we have snarky bullet points with what I hated, followed by what I loved, and then some thoughtful analysis. If you are one of the people who really hated my review, go read this instead. Jessica Karels writes really thoughtful reviews. Unlike mine.Throwing Some … [Read more...]

Pagans and Family

I am mostly alive today. I've spent days busy dying: coughing, sleeping, shivering and feeling like warmed up dog poo. I've missed the anniversary of the WM3 being freed, I've missed a bit of drama I'm sure, and I still haven't watched that stupid polyamory show again. I know I said I would, but when you feel like complete crap you just can't deal with watching it too.  So go watch Terisa Greenan's Family and trust some snark (and thoughtful analysis) are eventually coming your way.Even … [Read more...]

Mars, Sikhs, Hindus and Polyamory! Oh My!

Way too much going on today for me to focus on one thing.First of all, my heart aches for the Sikh community. Unlike the meaningless loss of the Aurora shooting, this apparently had a motivation that you can articulate your grief against. This is one hate crime among many, and one that leaves me with a profound sense of sorrow that people are still committing violence over ethnicity here in this country. I want us to be better than this. All my love and sympathy to the Sikh community of … [Read more...]

The Jonathan Merritt I Knew: Why He’s Not Quite Anti-Gay & Why I Feel Sorry For Him

I am not a warm and fuzzy person by nature, but my heart is hurting for Jonathan Merritt. I haven't seen the guy in 20 years but every so often I look him up and see what he's writing about. He is an excellent writer, even though we parted ways politically and theologically long ago.We were never close, just two kids who knew each other through Mr. Chuck's children's worship service. Every Sunday there was a part of the class where you had to sit absolutely still and silent because the kid … [Read more...]

Aurora, Grey’s Anatomy and Senseless Death

I've seen the headlines. I know the basics. But I haven't read a single post or news story about the Aurora, Colorado shooting. I just can't do it.I mentioned that my vacation involved a Grey's Anatomy marathon. Took me all the way to the end of the sixth season. If you follow the show you know that at the end of season six an armed gunman roams the hospital and a lot of people are shot. A few die. As a viewer you sit helpless, knowing what is happening, unable to communicate what you know … [Read more...]

Owning Things

Yesterday I wrote about owning things, and some of my readers were displeased with the idea of "owning" being something good in a spiritual context. My post yesterday was not great, and some readers mistook my unpolished stream-of-consciousness scribble for panic. I am far from panicked. I do not believe that the sky is falling on our heads. I am trying to see us and our place in the world clearly, free of projection and illusion.I have reached a point in my life where I don't own anything … [Read more...]

Pagan Hangout: Sarah Whedon Discusses “Birth on the Labyrinth Path”

This week we're going to be doing the hangout a bit differently. I'm going to be chatting with Sarah Whedon about her new e-book on Pagan pregnancy: Birth on the Labyrinth Path.I'll be posting the video here so you can keep this page open in a tab as a reminder if you like.The time of this hangout is a wee bit later. We'll be broadcasting at these times:  1 PM EDT (New York) 12 PM CDT (Nashville) 11 AM MDT (Denver) 10 AM PDT (Seattle) 6 PM BST (London) Should be fun! Hope … [Read more...]

God the Father: Pagan Perspective on Father’s Day

My father has been dead for 13 years. He was a good guy. He was a bastard. He was human. He was my dad.I have a single picture of him, kept in the back of a book. I have never had the impulse to display or frame it. It's not a particularly good picture. But it's what he looked like when he was healthy, and I'd rather  remember that than the dessicated husk my family forced me to view in his casket.I struggled with the memory of my father for a long time. Do you love someone for the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Sarah W. Whedon shares “Why I Wrote Birth On The Labyrinth Path”

Editor's Note: Patheos has an ebook publishing arm called Patheos Press. I'm very pleased to announce that the first Pagan e-book has been launched by Patheos Press, and it's a lovely volume on Pagan pregnancy titled Birth on the Labyrinth Path. As Butterfly McQueen once famously said: I don't know nothin' about birthin' babies! So I'm going to let author Sarah W. Whedon tell you about her book herself. - StarWhere are the mama goddesses?It’s hard to be a Pagan … [Read more...]