Best Fundraising Idea EVER

I follow some atheist blogs so I knew a big fundraising campaign was gearing up for the Secular Student Alliance. Mostly it's bloggers who are urging their readers to give, but Crommunist over at Freethought blogs went one better: he's doing Youtube cover video requests in exchange for donations.I found it amusing to watch him do a cover of Josie and the Pussycats, and got a kick out of his rendition of Eye of the Tiger.As I watched the videos I quickly realized this was the best … [Read more...]


I love Faunalia. Perhaps it's because as a young girl, like most young girls, I completely gave my heart to Mr. Tumnus. The goat ears are truly the only reason I find James McAvoy attractive.His sister-wife, Bona Dea, Fauna, the good Goddess, I came to love through the writings of Colleen McCullough. The image of the matrons of Rome preparing her ancient and secret rites captured my imagination. It is considered bad luck to mention her name aloud, at least for men to use her name, and … [Read more...]