Defaulting to Wicca: Issues with Intra-Pagan Dialogue

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!Over on PAGAN+politics Cara Schulz wrote a great recap of PantheaCon. I will concur that not only is she very nice in person but very funny as well. I was happy to room with her and after meeting her in person have even more respect and love for her, even if she is a conservative! In her post she mentioned something that she and I had discussed while at the convention: Wicca-centric language.At pan-Pagan events there is a … [Read more...]

Welcome Home! A “festal virgin” on Pagan Spirit Gathering 2010

I’ve tried to write this article three different times. The first two attempts weren’t bad articles but they simply couldn’t convey the week I had. It was unexpected, life-changing and beautiful. So forgive me if at times I write emotionally and ecstatically and poetically and in a rather rambling way. Perhaps once I have that out of my system I can analyze the experience more objectively.After over 9 years as a solitary, over a year involved in local Pagan groups and my Googl … [Read more...]