Fire, and Other Sacred Things

My roommates had been talking about building a firepit for months. As the weather grew warmer it was increasingly on all of our minds. So yesterday afternoon we bought bricks, and as the sun set I pulled out a shovel and went to work.What I dug out was an old firepit used for Wiccan ritual, buried for years. There was still a charred log, soft and moldy, beneath the sod. We arranged 4 layers of 13 bricks in a circle. We built a roaring fire, and sat beneath the stars and fat waxing gibbous … [Read more...]

I Just Want To Light You Up

Imbolc is coming. It's a day that always makes me think of candles, and truthfully I'm beginning to prefer the name Candlemas for the holiday. Solstice may have been the kindling of hope, but it's Imbolc that puts the fire in your belly, preparing you for the arduous and verdant growing season.Here the overcast skies broke enough for the sun to shine through briefly. I've been thinking a lot lately about what it would take for our own light to shine through the overcast grime of the day to … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Loki: At the Hearth Fire

Fire, is in and of itself an embodiment of polarity: creation and destruction, chaos and order. Fire can burn snuffing out life, destroying both homes and crops. Fire can be used to cook and prepare food, warm one against the cold of winter, used to craft the finest and delicate objects from handspun and blown glass, and used at the blacksmith’s forge in the creation of farming implements, cooking instruments, and weapons for the luck, well-being and good-fortune of the community. In the a … [Read more...]