Friday the 13th: The West Memphis Three Living Free

When you're talking about bad luck, these guys had it. In spades. But life is looking up for the West Memphis Three. I derive a lot of joy out of following Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin on social media and rejoicing in their happiness. So in case you weren't following them online, this is my attempt to persuade you otherwise.Jason Baldwin is going to school and becoming an advocate for kids who have been sentenced to life in prison. Follow him on Facebook.Damien Echols has written … [Read more...]

Lucky Friday the 13th

People have really only considered Friday the 13th to be unlucky for the past century or so. Yet for such a new tradition, it's got a pretty firm grip on our imaginations.Did you know it's estimated that at least $800 million is lost on Friday the 13th due to people limiting their normal routine to ward off bad luck? People stay at home, refuse to fly, call in to work and all other manner of behaviors intended to limit the chance that bad luck will happen to them.I wonder if Pagans … [Read more...]