Guest Post: Teo Bishop on Celebrating the Full Moon

Teo Bishop just joined Patheos! Be sure to check out his blog: Bishop In The Grove!The Moon went full on September 11th, 2011. The Moon was full, and Pagans gathered, and we celebrated the continuity of life, the rising and falling of the tides, the movement toward light, the realization of wholeness, and the slow, steady return to the darkness.Pagans celebrate. Pagans gather and make ourselves aware of the rhythms of the Earth, and the reliability of the heavens, and we do so in the … [Read more...]

The Moon is Full of Secrets and Promises

Here on the east coast the moon was full early this morning. Though still full, she is no longer waxing, and tonight will be void of course when I step into circle. I find that comforting.When the moon is void of course, she presents two faces. On one, the one we most often consider, she tells us anything we undertake while she is void of course is apt to come to nothing. We work in vain, run in place and generally get nowhere.Void of course is generally avoided for any magical work.Yet void … [Read more...]

13 Songs for the Full Moon

I've got a busy day so I'm tossing in a music playlist for the Full Moon, which is celebrated by many Pagans, but not something I'd done a 13 things list for...13. Moondance by Van Morrison12. Drawing Down the Moon by Gaia Consort11. Paper Moon by Ella Fitzgerald10. I Wished On the Moon by Billie Holiday9. Moon River by Audrey Hepburn8. The Whole of the Moon by The Waterboys7. Blue Moon of Kentucky by Bill Monroe6. Pink Moon by Nick Drake5. Moonchild by King … [Read more...]

State of Grace: Water, Moon and Ritual

I crave ritual. I crave grace. I crave water.There is no sin or falleness in Paganism. Those things that drive Christians to seek grace do not exist for us. What we do have is impurity. Pagans of old were obsessed with purification rituals, with bathing and with cleansing. In my tradition we purify ourselves before ritual by taking a ritual bath. With prescribed words, oil, salt, fire and smoke we prepare ourselves to meet the Gods. We will dress according to tradition, make ourselves pleasing … [Read more...]