Request for Support on Georgia Harassment Story

This has been going on in my "backyard" and has been covered by The Wild Hunt already. Even with a thriving Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Pagan population in the Atlanta area, this is still a part of the country where being religious means you're a Protestant Christian. I have to say I'm impressed by the way the Atlanta Pagan community has come together over this case.Here's the latest statement on the case: Statement from NGS, CoG, DLC, LLL, Circle Sanctuary:Over the past week, a Task … [Read more...]

My Love Affair with Bookstores

The saddest fact of my life is that I live in a county without a bookstore. True, we have a place that specializes in antique books, but particular editions of Gone With the Wind or bejeweled Victorian Jewish prayer books don't fill the craving I get for the literary arts.I can drive 45 minutes north, up Blood Mtn and over the Appalachian Trail, to the amazing Book Nook in Blairsville. A small store owned by really amazing people, it carries titles that always tempt me and I generally leave … [Read more...]