Advice Needed on Ancestor Shrines

Up in Paganistan a public ancestor shrine has opened up at the Sacred Paths center, and the story quotes Patheos columnist Galina Krasskova. It's a great resource for folks in that area but my thoughts are a little closer to home.I'm going to be moving into a new space in about a month or so, and trying to imagine where my altars will go in my new space. Should I place family photographs along the stairs with a shelf for incense and offerings? Should I put a few photos and a candle on the … [Read more...]

Are the Myths Gossip?

I have so much I wanted to write about today. About Ghetto Shamans and Hugin the Bard and a gazillion other things, but the spectre of PSG packing is looming over me. I'm in full panic mode to prepare for 9 days of camping, plus travel.So I will leave you with two quotes, one modern and one old, on a subject bouncing around in the back of my head, and leave you to examine and ponder them at leisure as I check and double check equipment and supplies. "When I first started studying Zeus, He told … [Read more...]

McCollum’s Case and Other News

I've got several links to share with you today, and then just a bit to say on the McCollum case.First, the rather hateful attack from a Christian blogger has had a surprising effect on the Circle of Mom's Faith Blogger contest: eight of the top twelve blogs are now Pagan, with the popular Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and The Pagan Mom Blog taking the 1st and 3rd spots respectively. Attacking a community tends to rally it, and boy did we rally! Congrats ladies!Patheos columnist Galina … [Read more...]

Do The Gods Really Talk To Us?

Patheos' What Do I Really Believe series wants to know if we hear messages from all that is Divine? What do you think? P. Sufenas Virius Lupus and K.C. Hulsman are among the Pagan responses on the main page but several other Pagans responded to the question."Highway to Hel" columnist Galina Krasskova writes:Ah, of course the Gods talk to us. I think a better question would be “Do we ever really listen.”?  The Gods never stopped talking to Their people. It was we who turned away from Them, w … [Read more...]

Book Review: Exploring the Northern Tradition by Galina Krasskova

A good, solid, human and engaging introductory text to a religion, particularly a minority religion, is worth its weight in gold. Crafting an introduction to a religious practice, mythos, cosmology and values is a bit like walking a tightrope: too far to one side creates a text that is inaccessibly esoteric and too far to the other side leaves you with a “dummies guide” that even the most ignorant novice will scoff. In Exploring the Northern Tradition Krasskova has created a beautifully balanced … [Read more...]