The Jonathan Merritt I Knew: Why He’s Not Quite Anti-Gay & Why I Feel Sorry For Him

I am not a warm and fuzzy person by nature, but my heart is hurting for Jonathan Merritt. I haven't seen the guy in 20 years but every so often I look him up and see what he's writing about. He is an excellent writer, even though we parted ways politically and theologically long ago.We were never close, just two kids who knew each other through Mr. Chuck's children's worship service. Every Sunday there was a part of the class where you had to sit absolutely still and silent because the kid … [Read more...]

Morality on a Bun: Chick-fil-A is Anti-Gay

Here in the South we have a fast food joint called Chick-fil-A. Fried chicken, waffle fries and the best vanilla soft serve ice cream on the planet. They have cute commercials and ads featuring barely literate cows. Oh and they "don't accept homosexual couples."You see, the tasty chicken joint that's famously closed on Sunday has a charitable branch called the WinShape Foundation, which runs a retreat which expressly prohibits homosexual couples. Plus they often give money to anti-gay … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs – Scouting for Pagans…

As American as apple pie and baseball, are hallmark institutions like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Most Americans have been exposed to both of these groups through their lives. Whether through active enrollment for a time in such a program, or from their friends being involved in the program, or the annual fund-raisers and volunteer projects in the community that scouts participate in. Of course, while we think of these organizations as uniquely American institutions, the fact is … [Read more...]