The Passing of Lord Merlin

Lord Merlin, aka David John White, was the elder high priest of the Ravenwood tradition for almost three decades and he died over a week ago, on Mabon. He led an extraordinary life, much like his wife Lady Sintana, and he died a year and a week after she passed from us. He was there by the Lady to bless the founding of my coven, and when I'm initiated this Saturday he will be a part of my lineage, my spiritual grandfather. Though I never met him, his passing fills me with sadness, and more than … [Read more...]

Bert and Ernie: Setting the Record Straight

Note:  This is a piece by my good friend and colleague, Samus Aquilus.A recent statement by the Sesame Workshop, regarding my fellow countrymen, Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street, runs as follows: Bert and Ernie are best friends.  They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets™ do), they rem … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Lamyka on The Androgynous Divine

The totality of who we are defines us and it is in every piece and parcel that we come to realize the great truth that is: I. The pieces of previous choices and previous moments in history bite into our skin, paper thin, like the shards of broken mirror that they are. These slights against our outer most layer, our skin, anger us—even offend us into great fits of denial and rage. We reject the audacity of the past to catch up to us and wreak its vengeance in such an underwhelming way. Our p … [Read more...]

PantheaCon: Concerning Three Rituals

There were quite a few rituals at PantheaCon and unfortunately I couldn't make them all. I was determined that the rituals I did attend wouldn't be Wiccan so I could experience the rites of other Pagan religions. Here are my thoughts on the three rituals I was able to participate in over this hectic weekend.A Ritual for Our Neopagan Ancestors facilitated by the ADFAs so many of our elders have recently passed I really wanted to participate in in this ritual. The opening of the gates and call … [Read more...]

Morality on a Bun: Chick-fil-A is Anti-Gay

Here in the South we have a fast food joint called Chick-fil-A. Fried chicken, waffle fries and the best vanilla soft serve ice cream on the planet. They have cute commercials and ads featuring barely literate cows. Oh and they "don't accept homosexual couples."You see, the tasty chicken joint that's famously closed on Sunday has a charitable branch called the WinShape Foundation, which runs a retreat which expressly prohibits homosexual couples. Plus they often give money to anti-gay … [Read more...]

Sing to the Mighty Dead

My local Feri folks and I had our Samhain ritual this past Saturday, but what with the Florida Pagan Gathering next weekend (I’ll be there talking about Southern folk magic) and the local UU Pagans doing a silent supper the weekend after that, my Samhain season is just beginning. Naturally, I’ve been sitting in front of my ancestor altar a lot and making offerings to them. Just last night we were having pears and rum.“Ancestors” need not only refer to your blood relatives; in religious witchcr … [Read more...]

Columbus and Coming Out

I live in my own little world, where no one makes candles that smell like pie and having a bad case of the flu is the only excuse for watching the Lifetime channel. Thank goodness the wider world intrudes through the interwebs to remind me of important stuff. Today's topical post is thanks to the far more eloquent post on the subject at The Wild Hunt.Today is Columbus Day and National Coming Out Day and I support the latter and revile the former. Here's why: Columbus The money that funded … [Read more...]

California’s Same-Sex Marriage Trial

I know the topic of same sex marriage has been discussed here before, but with the recent court case in California, I wanted to put in my proverbial two cents.On June 16, 2010, a federal court judge in California heard closing arguments in what could be a landmark case. Two couples, one gay, one lesbian, are suing the State of California, arguing that Proposition 8, which denies same sex couples the right to marriage, is a violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution … [Read more...]

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