Are the Myths Gossip?

I have so much I wanted to write about today. About Ghetto Shamans and Hugin the Bard and a gazillion other things, but the spectre of PSG packing is looming over me. I'm in full panic mode to prepare for 9 days of camping, plus travel.So I will leave you with two quotes, one modern and one old, on a subject bouncing around in the back of my head, and leave you to examine and ponder them at leisure as I check and double check equipment and supplies. "When I first started studying Zeus, He told … [Read more...]

Gossip, Experience and Getting Things Done

I have a very important rule: I make up on my mind about someone based on my experience with them, not on gossip. It's served me well over the years, and lately even more so.I'm not an "important" person, but working at Patheos is a unique thing. I sometimes get information I wouldn't have otherwise and I have good reasons to contact important people from time to time. Which is awesome. I also sometimes get unsolicited gossip, which is annoying. I don't pay attention to gossip, particularly … [Read more...]