Sometimes I Ponder The Universe…

...but then I remember it's turtles all the way down and relax.I've got non-blogging stuff to do, so I'm going to kindly direct you over to Agora.Gus diZerega: "Our conservative and right wing Christian opponents try and frame their position to give them the upper hand.  One of their most effective methods is to point to violence and crime and argue that it is fear of God that keeps people well behaved. This is a frame that once accepted makes it difficult to prevail.  C … [Read more...]

Pagan Soup: Season of the Witch, Church/Jail, and Culture/Religion

I have been under the weather and now I feel better I've got several things I want to touch on. So I'm going to try to breeze through them quickly.What Church Wants To Be A Jail?One thing I've only seen one person bring up in this church or jail story, is what church wants to be equated with jail? Seriously? And what religious organization wants to develop, staff and implement a rehabilitation program for criminals? Pagans have a hard enough time just keeping basic services for law-abiding … [Read more...]

When Good Pagans Do Nothing

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Leo Tolstoy My Southern Baptist upbringing taught me that I was in the world but not of it. I was not to be concerned with worldly things, or to seek to engage with the world on it's terms. I was to let that pass by and concern myself with the kingdom of God. My parents and some of my teachers at church had that old-school pre-politicized Evangelical worldview. There was a feeling that this world is run by Satan and … [Read more...]