Wyrd Designs – Help Get Asatru Added to the U.S. Army’s Religious Preference List

Josh and Cat Heath from the Open Halls Project are working through the cumbersome bureaucratic process, to have the U.S. Army recognize and add Asatru/Heathenry as a religious preference for the official U.S. Army database. According to their latest post on their website they need U.S. Army soldiers, veterans, and their spouses to send them "your name, rank, status (active, reserves, national guard, veteran, or spouse)" to their email account: heathenopenhalls@gmail.comNot familiar with the … [Read more...]

Wyrd Designs: Understanding the Symbols Part 2 – Mjollnir

Probably one of the most popular symbols of our faith, if not the most popular symbol, is the mjollnir – Thor’s hammer. In the lore, there are many stories of Thor using the hammer in the defense of the Gods and people, killing the enemies of Asgard with his mighty hammer.There are many runestones found in Denmark and Sweden, bearing both a depiction of mjollnir but also an inscription entreating Thor to hallow or protect. In the archaeological record, it’s one of the few symbols we do clearly … [Read more...]