Active Sexual Consent (and Dissent)

With examples like Tristan and isolde, no wonder we're mixed up about consent.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Since Jonathan Korman wrote about consent, I've been giving it some deep thought. Including the comment by Niki Whiting on how women need to be educated about consent. And I've been thinking of it in context of the freak out in the atheist community over harassment, and in other freak outs that have happened in the Pagan community. I think one of the problems with consent and communication is that we tend to treat sexual attraction as some sort … [Read more...]

Gender, Sex, Fat Acceptance and Other Weird Stuff

Because y'all know I would NEVER do that...

Buckle up. This is going to be a rambler.All across my social media I'm finding really interesting ideas about gender politics, sexuality, and fat acceptance. And all these posts seem to be connected in tenuous ways that I don't have the mental bandwidth to explore deeply today.The first post is by the fabulous Jonathan Korman, who shares my deep love for comedian Louis C.K. You seriously need to take time to read the entire thing. It's fantastic: When I was a young fella I lived an … [Read more...]

Violence, Children and Women

There seems to be a theme of violence in the news this morning, and before I attempt to wrap my head around the concept of idol-worship (stay tuned!) I want to talk about violence.The first regards a local story on WSB of an investigation into child abuse because of a Santeria ritual. A daycare called the police after finding cuts on a 4-year-old girl's chest. Apparently the cross-shaped cuts are made as part of a religious ritual in order to boost the girls strength. This isn't a ritual I … [Read more...]

Request for Support on Georgia Harassment Story

This has been going on in my "backyard" and has been covered by The Wild Hunt already. Even with a thriving Jewish, Hindu, Muslim and Pagan population in the Atlanta area, this is still a part of the country where being religious means you're a Protestant Christian. I have to say I'm impressed by the way the Atlanta Pagan community has come together over this case.Here's the latest statement on the case: Statement from NGS, CoG, DLC, LLL, Circle Sanctuary:Over the past week, a Task … [Read more...]