Being Negative Is Healthy; Or It’s Good To Be An Ass Sometimes

Despite how often I display it, or state it outright, people keep forgetting I'm an ass. I can be kind, generous, funny, grateful, compassionate, understanding, empathetic, and comforting, but that doesn't negate the fact that I am an ass.Some people talk about shadow-work and Left Hand Path in terms almost as nauseating and cloying as the love and light crowd, so I don't describe myself as embracing the dark and negative as wholesome. I just say I can be an ass.I don't think it's … [Read more...]

My Fat Is My Business

I'm supposed to be on vacation. Supposed to be getting a tan, reading sci-fi and watching Grey's Anatomy marathons on Netflix. But I check e-mail and social media twice a day, so this isn't really much of a vacation. I've already clocked two hours of work today and I still have things to do.Regardless, despite my personal vow to not get involved in a stupid internet debate on my vacation, I'm stepping into the "Fat Pagan" debate.I am fat. F-A-T. FAT. I am not obese or Goddess-sized or … [Read more...]

Active Sexual Consent (and Dissent)

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Since Jonathan Korman wrote about consent, I've been giving it some deep thought. Including the comment by Niki Whiting on how women need to be educated about consent. And I've been thinking of it in context of the freak out in the atheist community over harassment, and in other freak outs that have happened in the Pagan community. I think one of the problems with consent and communication is that we tend to treat sexual attraction as some sort … [Read more...]

What have you done, Paula Deen, Paula Deen?

I'm a Southern girl. I will fry anything. Chicken, pork chops, okra, squash, and even pickles. It's true that Southern cooking tends to be a bit heavy on the butter and deep fat frying, but honestly, every Southern cook I know whips up healthier meals than Paula Deen.So after pushing sugar and butter for years, Deen has come out as a diabetic after being paid to push diabetes medication. It's kind of like encouraging someone to cut off their foot and then selling them a prosthetic. Of … [Read more...]

Fat Acceptance?

Have you heard of Fat Acceptance? It's a perspective pushed by activists like Joy Nash, and artists like Beth Ditto.Here are a couple of videos made by Joy Nash on Fat Acceptance:I have to admit, I'm on the fence. On one hand, I know that taking care of my health is important. I have a family history that includes diabetes and heart disease. My ticker has already been in the shop, due to a birth defect. I want to feel healthy. I want to feel good.On the other hand, I have … [Read more...]