You Can’t Appropriate Your Own Culture

Seems like common sense, right? Yet common sense, as the saying goes, isn't quite so common.At Pagan Spirit Gathering this year I attended the Redneck Ritual. Debby led the ritual, which involved Dale Earnhardt, RC Cola and Moon Pies. Being from the great state of Georgia herself, she didn't appropriate Redneck culture, because it's her culture. As a participant in the ritual, being from rural Georgia and eating boiled peanuts on occasion, I didn't appropriate anything from rednecks, because I … [Read more...]

Norway, Spiritual Warfare, Apotheosis and Being Smurfy

Lots going on today, so I'm going to weigh in briefly on each item of interest.Labeling Anders Breivik "Christian"Christians are up in arms over the labeling of Norway killer Breivik as a "Christian terrorist" and I admit I find the phenomenon fascinating. Pagans are continually upset when some whack job who has some tenous tie to our communities gets labeled as an occult killer and the names of our religions smeared with their crime, so I have a little sympathy here.What I do find … [Read more...]

Choosing to Remain Under the Pagan Umbrella

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!A few years ago I expressed something very similar to what Drew expressed in his article “Why I'm not Pagan” - except he expressed it with far more tact and grace than I did. I had been looking around at the Pagan community and had a moment of realization that the community is defining people like me (polytheists) out of the group. The conversation that resulted surprised me. Feelings were hurt and friendships were lost. I've bee … [Read more...]

Hellenismos – a living, modern religion

One of the criticisms that neo-Pagans make about revived or reconstructed religions such as Hellenismos is that we live too much in the past and that our religion isn't a living, evolving and relevant spirituality. That we are slaves to the past, treating our religion as a museum piece. Frankly, sometimes this can be true. Sometimes we do spend too much time with books, losing ourselves in the minutia of the past. It can be difficult to see the relevancy of rituals and concepts from 1500 … [Read more...]

The Shunned Transformation

Will you come with me and watch part of a sacred transformation that most of us close our eyes to and avoid?  It won't be comfortable for you and it certainly wasn't for me.   It's not like many of the other joyous Rites of Passage that Pagans throw themselves into with wild abandon.  It’s raw and painful and normally very private, but it shouldn't be shunned like some shameful secret.  I'm not sharing this to shock or repulse or thrill.  I'm sharing it in honor of my grandmother, Selma, who was … [Read more...]

When A Black Cat Crossed My Path

Author's note:  On this day, two years ago, I lost my best friend. I'm not sure what it says about me, or him, that my best friend was a cat. My friend deserves to be remembered. His story should be told and libations poured in his honor. Consider this an inadequate, but heartfelt, act of devotional offering from me to him.Before Zack's death, I didn't understand the deep connection between flowers and souls. So when I celebrated the Anthesteria, a festival of flowers celebrated by … [Read more...]