You Can’t Appropriate Your Own Culture

Seems like common sense, right? Yet common sense, as the saying goes, isn't quite so common.At Pagan Spirit Gathering this year I attended the Redneck Ritual. Debby led the ritual, which involved Dale Earnhardt, RC Cola and Moon Pies. Being from the great state of Georgia herself, she didn't appropriate Redneck culture, because it's her culture. As a participant in the ritual, being from rural Georgia and eating boiled peanuts on occasion, I didn't appropriate anything from rednecks, because I … [Read more...]

Choosing to Remain Under the Pagan Umbrella

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!A few years ago I expressed something very similar to what Drew expressed in his article “Why I'm not Pagan” - except he expressed it with far more tact and grace than I did. I had been looking around at the Pagan community and had a moment of realization that the community is defining people like me (polytheists) out of the group. The conversation that resulted surprised me. Feelings were hurt and friendships were lost. I've bee … [Read more...]