Hekate’s Deipnon: Time To Mop Up

In Hellenic religion, today is the Deipnon. Part of a 3 day religious observance at the time of the dark and new moon.It's a time to close up unfinished business before the new moon appears. People pay any remaining bills, respond to all correspondence, donate to a food shelter, make offerings to Hekate, and clean house.I've never celebrated the Deipnon before. I'm giving it a shot today, and my roommates are rather serendipitously on board, as they have guests arriving tomorrow, and … [Read more...]

Desiring a Sanctified Home

Word is Drew Barrymore is converting to Judaism. Remember last year when Julia Roberts converted to Hinduism? I'm conflicted about people who convert for marriage, but I understand the reasons why.Last night I was on a podcast run by Lamyka called the Pagan Women's Podcast. About once a month she ropes various Pagan women into talking about subjects of interest to us. This time the episode was about Hellenic polytheism, and Lamyka and I grilled Cara Schulz on her practice.The thing that … [Read more...]

Hellenismos – a living, modern religion

One of the criticisms that neo-Pagans make about revived or reconstructed religions such as Hellenismos is that we live too much in the past and that our religion isn't a living, evolving and relevant spirituality. That we are slaves to the past, treating our religion as a museum piece. Frankly, sometimes this can be true. Sometimes we do spend too much time with books, losing ourselves in the minutia of the past. It can be difficult to see the relevancy of rituals and concepts from 1500 … [Read more...]

Bridging the Holiday Divide

I celebrate the Solstice. My family celebrates Christmas. My friends celebrate everything else you could name. I got no problem with the religious aspects of it all, my quandary was always more practical - how do I celebrate the holidays with them, respecting their traditions while honoring mine? Keeping the social 'rules' of Christian Christmas, Jewish Hanukkah, Pagan Yule or Winter Nights, Atheist Giftmas, etc straight can be challenging. What are the traditions? What is done when? … [Read more...]