Eager for Decay: Looking Forward to Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. I revel in it. I read somewhere once that Hel's kingdom was forever a misty autumn, and whether that is true or not, it makes me reluctant to grab hold of a sword when I near death.Loving autumn is a strange thing. Everything is in decline, in decay. Entropy is winning. Those bright leaves? That's the result of trees trying desperately to stave off the inevitable winter. It's a season of death, and I love it.I'm not the only one. Almost everywhere I look … [Read more...]

Counting Your First Fruits, Or What To Do With Spiritual Zucchini?

Lammas, the festival of the loaf. The festival of first fruits. Of tomatoes and cucumbers and other things that go nicely on sandwiches.I've been spending some time considering what my own first fruits are this year. I have found some good things. I have some stability. Not much, but a little. That makes a big difference. I have found some peace. I am more at peace with who I am than ever before. I have never felt so glorious in my own skin before. When it comes to self-respect and … [Read more...]

13 Songs for Llamas (Or Lammas)

I think I owe you all a bit of holiday music. But first you get a Lammas llama.13. Damh the Bard - Lughnasadh12. Paul Giovanni - Corn Rigs11. Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends10. King Harvest - Dancing In The Moonlight9. Grease - Summer Nights8. Guy Clark - Homegrown Tomatoes7. John Prine - That's The Way That The World Goes 'Round6. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Fishin' In The Dark5. T.G. Shepard - Do You Want To Go To Heaven?4. Lisa Thiel - Lammas … [Read more...]

13 Songs for the Summer Solstice

I thought surely my readers were tired of these, but apparently not. The sun is reaching his zenith, the days are long, and the nights are warm. These are busy days!Tomorrow I will be hosting two different hangouts. One to discuss Sarah Whedon's new e-book Birth of the Labyrinth Path, and one to discuss the sun in Pagan practice.On Patheos Pagan today there is Steven Abell's first-hand account of Trothmoot, addressing the rumors that have been floating around. Gus diZerega discusses the … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: Remembering Their Service

One of the most controversial topics I write about is support for members of our military and patriotism. Regardless, as this Memorial Day approaches here in the US, I've been thinking about what it means to me personally.I do ancestor work. One of the most profound ways I honor my ancestors is by researching their history, discovering their names, dates and origins. When I began this work I expected to find a large influx of Irish immigrants about the time of the Civil War, but so far I … [Read more...]

Hekate’s Deipnon: Time To Mop Up

In Hellenic religion, today is the Deipnon. Part of a 3 day religious observance at the time of the dark and new moon.It's a time to close up unfinished business before the new moon appears. People pay any remaining bills, respond to all correspondence, donate to a food shelter, make offerings to Hekate, and clean house.I've never celebrated the Deipnon before. I'm giving it a shot today, and my roommates are rather serendipitously on board, as they have guests arriving tomorrow, and … [Read more...]

Spring Song

Possibly the most sickly sweet piece of classical music ever written.So how do you plan to celebrate Ostara? … [Read more...]

Egg Dying Tricks for Ostara

I'm ready to dye some eggs this year and I want to step up my game from the basic egg dyeing kit. Here's some tips and tricks I've found. Natural Dyes Not crazy about chemicals? Here are a couple of videos talking about natural dyes:Ukranian Eggs Want to take on more elaborate degigns? Give Ukranian egg decorating a try! … [Read more...]

Lupercalia: I Haz A Happy

Planning to write something serious, I saw this picture this morning and it brought a smile to my face:Kind of disturbingly funny too, considering two male goats and a dog were the traditional sacrifices, and patrician Luperci were anointed with the blood of the sacrifice, then expected to smile and laugh.Instead of that, why not look at some pictures of some cute puppies and goats? We can smile and laugh at those and still celebrate the season. … [Read more...]

Opening Up To Love

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, beloved of romantics and dreaded by cynics. Even I, veritable grump and Grinch that I am, am not immune to the vibe in the air.Love is an emotion that needs open windows, fresh air and room to dance. For many Pagans love forms a key component of their faith. Wiccans are known for valuing "Perfect Love." Most of us consider love an integral part of our human nature, and many of the rights we fight for are based on love.As I was considering what to write … [Read more...]