Our Conduct Matters, Not Our Labels

Find other posts related to this topic on the link round-up post!I have literally been overwhelmed by the debate in the Pagan blogosphere over the weekend. It's been a chore simply processing all the information, and every time I found a point I felt I inclined to speak to, three new perspectives popped up and demanded my attention.In this debate I have found perspectives and statements I find disheartening. The idea that the only way for a minority religion to be strong is by dismissing … [Read more...]

Memorial Day: Honoring the Fallen

Let's not forget those who have fought and fallen to protect our freedom to kick back and debate our religious communities' issues.Selena Fox is doing a ceremony to honor Pagan Military Dead this morning, and asks folks to check out the Pagan Military Association page on Facebook.Celia, who wrote the anthem "Symbol" in response to the pentacle quest is offering a free download of the song today on ReverbNation.I found myself drawn to revisit The Wild Hunt post from May 6th, in which … [Read more...]