Hospitality is the Law

Hospitality is the foundation of Paganism. Reciprocal relationships, maintaining the right order of things, Ma'at, the mos maiorum, harmony: whatever you call it, hospitality is key in nearly every Pagan religion, ancient or modern. This I believe.Down here in the South hospitality is simply called manners, and manners are a big deal in the South. While we seem to have made a virtue out of being a bitch in this day and age, it's not getting us anywhere and it's certainly out of keeping with … [Read more...]

Media Access to Festivals is a Privilege, Not A Right

I am somewhere in Southern Illinois and still processing leaving Pagan Spirit Gathering for everyday life. This year, for the very first time, there was a Media Camp, and it was interesting to participate in that and plan for it's future evolution.One thing about Media Camp that really struck home for me is how having media access to festivals is a privilege, not a right. As a Pagan writer I have no right to access private Pagan festivals for media purposes. Any access I have is granted by the … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Amanda Thomas on The Importance of Hospitality

One thing that ADF-style ritual is very big on is sacrifice. During the course of a ritual, I give sacrifices of barley and oats to the Earth Mother, I give incense to the fire, silver to the well, and enjoy anointing the tree with oil. I give sacrifices to the three Kindred (the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, and the Gods). In short, I give something for everyone that is invited to share in the sacredness of ritual space and time.It tends to make a girl count all the offerings before the … [Read more...]

Bad Manners (A Holiday Rant)

There are a lot of things I could write about today. Black Friday. Buy Nothing Day. The 13 Things I LOVE About Pagans post I'm working on. Instead, this cornbred fed and Southern bred Witch would like to say a few words about bad manners.For Thanksgiving I was a guest in a relative's home. We were sharing holiday hospitality duties, yet still I was a guest in her home. I did my best to do my part and be helpful and respectful. Even when it meant holding my tongue. You see, another guest was my … [Read more...]