Is The Bible Funnier Than The Bloggess?

Yesterday Adam Baldwin, best known to you as Jayne from Firefly or Animal Mother from Full Metal Jacket, decided that Wil Wheaton was mocking the Bible in the video he helped create to promote Jenny Lawson's (aka The Bloggess) new book.What I find interesting about this is that it's not mocking, but simply stating something so obvious it's absurd to say. Jenny Lawson's book is also funnier than the phone book, Stephen King's The Stand and anything written by Lord Tennyson. Baldwin's … [Read more...]

Derailed and Discombobulated (or 13 Random Things)

Ever have one of those days where absolutely nothing goes as expected? All your plans get derailed and you find yourself sitting there, wondering what you're supposed to do and what's coming next?Yeah, that's my day today. Everything is kinda screwed up, including the post I was planning for today. I've made inquiries to all the appropriate places. I consulted the tarot. Now I'm just kind of sitting here trying to figure out what to do with my day now that all my plans are kaput.Maybe … [Read more...]

#PatheosMirth Needs #Pagan Funny

I get a kick out of Christian jokes as much as anyone who attended Vacation Bible School, but there's seriously too much monotheism in the jokes over in the Patheos Book Club right now. So as much as I was raring to write something heartfelt and reflective today, I think it's time to unleash the funny on these folks.*pretends to crack knuckles*Why is it great having Pagan friends? They literally worship the ground you walk on!What would Zeus drive? Whatever would get him … [Read more...]

Pre-Smurf Humor

I am in an exceptionally good mood as I write this on a misty, post-storm Thursday morning. All is as it should be in the world. As you are reading this I will be unloading my belongings and stowing them in my new apartment, with the help, and occasional hindrance, of my sister and nephew. I'm thrilled. It's the first time in my life I have moved to a place because I truly wanted to, and not because I had to. I'm feeling pretty ecstatic about it.So I want to share the love before I dye my hair … [Read more...]

Why I Am Leaving Paganism

After a lot of heartbreaking soul-searching, I've come to the realization that I am no longer Pagan. It hurts to admit this but I realize now in my heart of hearts that I no longer believe in Pagan values, Pagan Gods or the Pagan community. After years of struggling with this and trying so hard to muster up enthusiasm here at Patheos, I've reached a point where I can no longer continue on this path. I have to break ties, even though I know this will hurt my coven family and my readers. The … [Read more...]

How Astrology is like Nascar

I was convinced to write this after a couple of different discussions regarding the recent "astrology controversy". Everyone suddenly had an opinion on astrology. Well, I think astrology is just like Nascar. Here's why:Mostly everything goes in a circle for a very long time, and when they complete one circuit they do it all again. And again. And again. Mostly nothing happens. Things just go in circles day in and day out. People are just waiting for something exciting to happen, like a car … [Read more...]

Nobody’s Happy

I take news sabbaticals. Sometimes I reach a point where I just don't need any more bad news. I need a break from gloom and doom. Sometimes just taking a week or two away from the news does the trick. My mind free and clear, I happily dig right back into current events.Lately though I find the major harbingers of doom and gloom aren't in the media, but just unhappy people. I've tangled with depression my whole life, it's a cyclical thing, but I fail to see why some people are … [Read more...]

13 Songs for Halloween!

For many Pagans Oct 31st is one of the holiest days of the year but it's also a secular holiday devoted to candy and spooky fun. I need to make the 13 songs for Samhain list fit the holiday, but I love all the corny old Halloween songs! So here I go! Getting it out of my system all at once! Crank up the sound and boogie away!Oh, and normally there's no order to this, but my favorite actually is number 1 this time....13. This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before ChristmasI LOVE this movie … [Read more...]